Galilee Medical Centermarks its first year of success in using the Ministry of Health’s simultaneous translation services.
Galilee Medical Center is proud of its 3 medical
delegates being sent to Nepal with the IDF Field Hospital.
A group of Akko volunteers to the "Partnership2gether" came to the Galilee Medical Center (GMC), to learn about one of the most prominent organizations in the partnership
Two doctors from the Galilee Medical Center (GMC) visited our Partnership2gether communities in San Antonio, TX, South Bend, IN and Louisville, KY.
Alan and Terry Feldbaum visited the Galilee Medical Center from South Bend IN., on Feb 8,2015. Terry is the incoming president of the Jewish Federation for South Bend.
Galilee Medical Centr is proud to announce that Dr. Benny Raviv has been appointed as the Director of the Department of Emergency Medicine (ER) of Galilee Medical Center.
The Galilee Medical Center of Nahariya will hosted Israel’s first ever international conference in conjunction with the internationally known Mayo Clinic.
We are happy to announce the opening of the new 'Therapeutic Garden', adjacent to the Miryam Bourkis Oncology Outpatient Institute, Galilee Medical Center.

Once again, Galilee Medical Center is shoring up for the winter season. The medical and nursing staff, together with para-medical personnel and the ancillary staff are being vaccinated against the flu virus.