As Catastrophe escalates just across the border of Israel in Syria, human tragedy unfolds as the injured make their way to ISrael for life-saving care. Men women and children, nearly 150 have been treated to date.
As the Western Galilee Medical Center- Nahariya conitues to receive casualties of Syrian violence, the media has begun to take notice of this medical aid to Israel's neighbors. Follow the links to see more.
Just 2 drops protects your family from risk of Polio.
In a race against time, Western Galilee Medical Center physicians eagerly await the arrival of an 8 yearold boy who was attacked by hyenas outside his home.
New Academic Medical Reasearch Institute to be built thanks to collaboration of of Bar-Ilan University and the contribution of Ms. Raya Strauss Ben Dror, President of the Friends of Western Galilee Hospital - Nahariya

Bat Mitzvah girl Pearl Katz of Miami was able to lead her community of friends and family to give something more meaningful than birthday gifts. Pearl's gifts are protecting tiny lives in the hospital.
A surprising survey of pediatric patients recieved to the ER finds that most injuries occur in the home.
Marie-Janette is 6 months old today. When she was born at 23 gestational weeks she was given no chance of survival. The emotional mother waited for ten years for this pregnancy and is now overjoyed by her baby daughters discharge from the hospital. “Our experience can give hope to other families in our situation: Don’t give up, believe, and in the end the joy will prevail,” proclaims Marie-Janette’s father.

First home to one of Israel's most veteran nurses, Western Galilee Medical Center is proud to have played a role in one nurse's career that has spanned 43 years of medical care in Israel.