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Labor and Delivery Rooms

When a baby is born, a family is born.
At Galilee Medical Center, we believe that pregnancy and childbirth are central to family life, so it is important to us that childbirth takes place in a respectful and supportive atmosphere that accommodates the mother's birth preferences.

In our maternity ward, and labor and delivery rooms, we are proud to provide women with a broad and flexible range of services to suit a variety of pregnancy needs and birth preferences. Moreover, our highly skilled professional team of midwives and doctors is available at all times, to ensure safe care and a positive experience.

To enhance the birth experience, each of our state-of-the-art labor and delivery rooms is equipped with the best and most up to date professional equipment, as well as with a private restroom and shower.

During every shift, a staff member accompanies each patient and provides professional and compassionate treatment; she guides, cares for and knows each patient and her childbirth preferences. In addition, a specialist physician is always available in case of need, and the rest of the staff is available to help.

In addition, we are always prepared to treat births in medically complex situations, cesarean sections as well as natural childbirth without interventions. Our midwives and doctors are equipped with the latest and most advanced technologies and employ innovative as well as traditional approaches in order to accommodate birth preferences.

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Reception hours and operating days

There are tours for mothers and their spouses: on Fridays at 10:00. Please register by calling 04-9107728


טלפון: 04-9107728
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