A First for Israel: Otolaryngologists (ENT specialists) successfully surgically treated a patient suffering from Osler Weber Rendu Disease.

For the first time in Israel, surgery to treat the rare Osler Weber Rendu Disease was performed on 77 year old patient Edward Balon
Galilee Medical Center recently welcomed back former Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) patients and their families for a special reunion with the doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff members who cared for them.
The XIX Nahariya Conference on Medicine and the Holocaust — May 15, 2019
As we mark Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day, note that Galilee Medical Center will host the XIX Conference on Medicine and the Holocaust on May 15th. The annual conference provides a unique perspective about medicine during the Holocaust, awareness of the medical needs of the survivors and their descendants, and strengthened commitment to the ethical lessons learned from the past in order to apply them to our own time.
All Galilee Medical Center's staff members are integral in providing care to the 600,000 residents we serve in the Galilee region.
While "Z" was in Internal Medicine Department C, the medical team learned that he had never had a bar mitzvah.
Nuhad Shehada, Head Nurse of the department, contacted a representative from Chabad in Nahariya who organized a bar mitzvah ceremony for him.
World Kidney Day is noted annually around the world in order to raise awareness of the importance of our kidneys and the impact of kidney disease, the risk factors associated with it and preventive behaviors.
Innovation at Galilee Medical Center —Temporomandibular surgery performed following conducting the surgery virtually the previous day!
Patients, visitors and staff were moved by the flash mob by internationally renowned Czech violinist Šporcl at Galilee Medical Center, the frontline of care for the State of Israel in the north.
Dr. Assi Drobot, a senior physician in our Surgery Department A has recently begun to treat lymphedema, a condition of swelling that generally occurs in a person's arms or legs and in some cases, both arms or both legs, with innovative surgery.
For the first time at Galilee Medical Center our surgeons recently performed a series of operations on infants and children with congenital disorders in the head and neck area.
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