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Galilee Medical Center's Neurology Department is a center for diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the brain, the central and peripheral nervous systems and diseases of the muscles.
Hospitalized in the department are patients with the following diseases or needing the following procedures:
1. All types of strokes;
2. Infectious disease of the brain and meningitis;
3. Stabilization of patients with Parkinson’s and other movement disorders patients;
4. Stabilization of  patients with epilepsy;
5. Evaluation of neurological syndromes expressed by limb paralysis such as  alopecia, acute peripheral  neuropathy and motor neural disease;
6. Treatment and stabilization of patients with myasthenia gravis;
7. Evaluation and treatment of MS during active attacks;
8. Evaluation of patients with decreasing cognitive functioning;
9. Patients suffering from tumors of the brain and spinal cord; and
10. Patients with suspected Paraneoplastic syndrome.

The department has a unit for urgent and interdisciplinary treatment of stroke patients-diagnosis and treatment with thrombolytic therapy when appropriate.
The department's staff includes an expert team of nurses, a social worker, a dietician, and a rehabilitation team including an occupational therapist, physiotherapist and speech therapist.  The team provides guidance and support to families as well as the option of participation in a support group. The department is also equipped with EEG Video Monitoring for ongoing diagnostic purposes and the close supervision of patients.

The department is recognized for internships and residencies in neurology.

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