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The Plastic Surgery Department

 The department employs innovative, modern techniques and advanced clinical experience to offer the highest level of professional care, and is committed to providing individualized and empathetic support for patients undergoing treatment.
The plastic surgery department offers patients a wide range of treatments including: 

  • treatment of burn victims at all stages, from immediate urgent care to skin transplants.
  • treatment of skin tumors and melanoma .
  • treatment of  congenital defects, craniofacial anomalies.
  • monitoring and treatment of diabetic limbs.
  • breast surgery – oncoplastic reconstruction after mastectomy, breast augmentation, and reduction, treatment of congenital or acquired asymmetry of the breasts, and gynecomastia.
  • reconstruction after injuries or surgery.
  • a wide range of aesthetic surgery.
  • treatment of chronic wounds.
  • treatment of congenital or acquired deformities.

The Plastic Surgery Department performs hundreds of surgeries annually with great success, some under full anesthesia with hospitalization and others, which are ambulatory and performed under partial anesthesia. 


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Reception hours and operating days


טלפון: 04-9107202
פקס: 04-9107454
וואטסאפ: 0504999811
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