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Maternal and Gynecological Ultrasound Unit

The Maternal and Gynecological Ultrasound Unit is part of the medical center's Women’s Health and Maternity Wing.

The ultrasound unit has the most advanced equipment of its kind in the world and provides a wide range of ultrasounds including Nuchal Translucency Screening, early and late screening, fetal growth assessment, uterine-fetal circulation, and amniotic fluid volume, and Doppler flow examinations for mother and fetus and identification of fetal anemia.

The instruments in the unit include two, three and four dimensional ultrasounds which are used for general monitoring and the diagnosis of uterine and vaginal deformities
The unit performs follicle monitoring for women undergoing fertility treatment, amniotic fluid testing, Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) and when necessary, invasive procedures.

The Maternal and Gynecological Ultrasound Unit team consists of senior physicians who are experts in gynecology and obstetrics with a subspecialty in ultrasound and a wealth of experience in the field. In addition, the unit serves as a learning space for residents within the framework of their training in obstetrics and gynecology in coordination with intensive clinical practice and a wide range of research projects. 

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