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The Pediatric Nephrology Unit

The Pediatric Nephrology Unit provides care for all types of kidney and urinary tract diseases in children. We offer evaluation and treatment of a wide spectrum of diseases, genetic and congenital disorders, high blood pressure, kidney stones, and chronic and severe kidney insufficiency.

The unit offers pediatric dialysis for infants and children until adulthood including in hospital hemodialysis and home dialysis. In the department framework, kidney transplant patients receive preparation for their transplant and undergo long term monitoring afterwards.

The unit’s interdisciplinary team includes expert physicians specializing in pediatric nephrology, nurses specializing pediatric dialysis, social workers and therapists as well as teachers from the hospital's educational staff. In addition to its clinical activity, the unit participates in academic activities including research, and trains medical and nursing students.

The Pediatric Nephrology Unit's services include:

• Pediatric Dialysis
• Pediatric Nephrology Clinic
• Ambulatory Pediatric Hospitalization
• Kidney Transplant Clinic
• Lupus Clinic in conjunction with the Rheumatology Unit
• Nephro-Genetic Clinic
• Pre-Natal Guidance Unit
• Halter Blood  Pressure Unit
• Transition Clinic for pediatric patients moving to adult treatment

• Educational Services


The educational staff focuses on ensuring the children’s normal emotional, educational and functional development.

The “Afek” education area in the pediatric nephrology department functions in full cooperation with the medical and nursing staff of the department including consultations, updates and collaboration for the welfare of the patients.

The educational staff consists of special education teachers, communications therapists, art, movement, sport and robotic teachers and therapists who deal with the individual patient’s emotional needs.

The goal of the unit is to preserve and enhance the children’s experience while they are unable to attend school regularly in the community.

This above is achieved by providing positive, meaningful, and empowering activities tailored to each child’s need and abilities and by coordinating the treatment with educational staff in the community.


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Reception hours and operating days


טלפון: 04-9107580
פקס: 04-9107652
וואטסאפ: ‎+972-050-2373607
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