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Maternity and Nursery

The Maternity Department includes an interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, nursing advisors, social workers and support staff that offer devoted and responsible professional care and treatment in a pleasant atmosphere that supports the mother’s wishes.

The nursery is staffed by an experienced team of nurses and doctors who are happy to respond to all parental questions and to provide the information essential to caring for and understanding their newborn’s needs. The department is equipped with innovative and advanced equipment for treatment of routine and emergency situations that may arise after birth.  We believe in safeguarding the security of infants and mothers by providing them with a protected environment.

In addition, we support the right of a mother to be a full partner in the choices made in the maternity process including skin-to-skin touch after the birth and in the first days following it.  We provide the option of a baby staying alongside the mother during the entire hospitalization stay, for part of the day or having the baby cared for in the nursery for the entire stay. In all cases, the staff provides nursing support and guidance to the mother. These policies ensure a feeling of safety and confidence in the first days after the birth.

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