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Pediatric Intensive Care

The Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) offers medical and nursing care for children from several days old until the age of 18 who suffer from severe injury after accidents, life threatening diseases, trauma and severe respiratory diseases and after complex surgeries, neuro-surgery and treatment for burns. Treatment includes ongoing monitoring and supervision of the patient while providing professional, innovative and accurate treatment of the highest quality to the child and the family.

The unit offers a wide range of interventions with an emphasis on quality and safe practices performed by a highly experienced interdisciplinary team who are also involved in research and developing groundbreaking treatments. 

The PICU team provides training and guidance in resuscitation in the pediatric department of the hospital. The unit serves as a clinical space for nursing student courses and training, and the scientific council recognizes it as a training center for resuscitation and annual courses to physicians and nurses from within and outside the medical center. The unit has recognition for conducting residency programs in pediatric intensive care. The residents participate in clinical discussions and receive exposure to a wide spectrum of innovative techniques.

Information for hospitalized children and their families:
The PICU staff is available at all times to provide information on medical procedures while listening, respecting and cooperating that allow for mutual decision-making. The PICU team believes in encouraging parental presence at the child’s bedside at all stages of treatment. The unit is in contact with experts from within Israel and from abroad, on an as needed basis, to provide the highest standard of medicine available.

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