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In 2017, the Cardiology Division moved into its new modern facility equipped with the latest innovative technologies for monitoring and treating complex cases. The division consists of several professional and academic units whose purpose is to diagnose and treat patients with chronic and acute cardiac disease. On an annual basis, over 2,500 patients, 700 of them suffering from myocardial infarction, and others suffering from a wide range of complex problems such as cardiac failure, cardiac arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation are hospitalized in the division.

The division treats all cases of heart disease that demand hospitalization and intensive care supervision. Typical patients are those awaiting or recovering from procedures such as catheterization, angioplasty or implanting of a pacemaker.  The department offers wireless monitoring of heart functioning enabling greater mobility for the patients.

The cardiac intensive care unit serves patients requiring maximal supervision and intensive treatment. The unit’s devoted and committed staff includes senior cardiac specialists, a highly professional nursing staff and the technological tools necessary to efficiently and effectively monitor and treat each patient's condition. The adjacent cauterization unit performs the entire range of such procedures 3with advanced techniques and technologies.

The electrophysiology unit specializes in arrhythmias and other heart rhythm disorders of slow, accelerated or unstable pulse. Its lab is one of the most advanced in the country with expertise and tools necessary to treat these complex and often life threatening conditions.

In the Heart/Cardiology Clinic, we monitor and diagnose ambulatory patients including soldiers. Over 3000 patients visit annually and we perform some 1000 cardiac stress tests as well 4,500 echocardiograms of various types.
The clinical research unit has three full time coordinators and participates in a large number of international and collaborative projects on a wide range of cardiac related subjects. The research unit excels in recruiting patients for high quality research.
Dr. Ofir Artrecht, PhD, heads the cardiac division's institute for heart research. The laboratory studies the physiology of the heart in states of both health and of disease. Its research is inclusive, dealing with heart from the level of the entire organ to the sub-cellular levels of mitochondria, proteins and nucleic acids.

The research's rationale is to exploit the controlled system of the laboratory to develop clinical solutions to treat cardiology patients. The three central focal points of the research are the processes of scarring after heart attacks, the efficient use of ultrasound as a treatment tool and evaluation of the efficacy of new treatments for lowering blood pressure.

Training and participating in the labs research are medical students from the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine Bar Ilan University, doctors studying the basics of scientific research from a wide range of institutions and more. Students studying for advanced degrees collaborate with MIGAL, the Galilee Research Institute, the Technion in Haifa and Tel Aviv University.


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