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Mission Statement


To serve as a 
comprehensive university medical center that provides general medical services to the residents of the Western Galilee and special services to the residents of entire Galilee, characterized by highest level of professionalism, quality, availability and accessibility, and to serve as a teaching and research institution that is involved in the community which it serves and to work in its best interests.

To this end

The hospital will work 
tirelessly to develop medical services, ambulatory treatments, in all field of medicine.

Offer its patients
 state-of-the-art medical equipment, technologies and methods.

Strive to hire 
professional and skilled personnel, in all fields of the services:  medicine, nursing, paramedical professions and auxiliary services.

Will ensure that its employees are 
constantly kept up-to-date on the latest medical innovations, treatment methods and technologies developed by an extensive training system, both within the hospital and through participation of its employees in external studies and updates.

The hospital will apply work methods based on the best comprehensive 
quality management, and will operate based on international standards of quality, such as ISO 9002 and EFQM.  From time to time, it will publicize its undertakings to its clients in “the Service Quality Charter” and will operate a system that monitors the satisfaction and expectations of its clients and will strive to offer service that exceeds these expectations.

The hospital will operate academic teaching systems for students studying medicine, nursing and paramedical professions and will cooperate with other academic institutions in the region, in Israeland around the world.

Additionally, it will implement a basic research, epidemiological and clinical 
research system in all areas of medicine, including laboratories, research institutes, personnel and everything required to this end.

The hospital will be involved in what is happening in the community, will work and serve as a
partner in activities that benefit its residents, both in health-related subjects and in other subjects to which it may contribute.

The hospital will work with and offer its services to all sectors of the regional population, including Jews, Muslim, Druze and Christians, civilians and soldiers, and will work toward involving them in its activity.

The hospital will make 
an effort to hire doctors and other health professionals who immigrate toIsrael and will assist them with their professional and social absorption.

The hospital will aim to strengthen its relationship with 
World Jewry and will develop scientific and social connections with health professionals in communities overseas.