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The Urology Department focuses on all procedures connected to examination, diagnosis and treatment, mainly surgical, of diseases and congenital defects of the urinary tract in children and adults as well as conditions relating to the kidneys, prostate, bladder and male sexual organs, including sexual dysfunction and infertility.

The department is located on the third floor of the surgical wing with a stunning view of the Lebanese Mountains. It has 26 beds, mostly two patients to a room with adjacent bathroom and showers. Patients' receive their meals in an aesthetic manner and in accordance with their preferences.  The department team strives to provide a positive and welcoming atmosphere, along with continuous access to update medical information.

In light of the Galilee Medical Center’s collaboration with the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine Bar Ilan University, we are committed to an organized schedule of training residents and medical students. Senior physicians mentor and train medical students during their studies here at the medical center. In addition, the department's medical and nursing teams participate in basic and clinical research and are active participants in national and international professional conferences. 

Moreover, the urology department's team of specialists run a clinic for sexual functioning. 

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טלפון: 04-9107734
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