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Physiotherapy Services in the Women’s and Maternity Departments

The Women’s Health Department at Galilee Medical Center provides personalized physiotherapy and care for women after surgery. When necessary, the team also provided physiotherapy services in the labor and delivery room to improve breathing and functioning and to reduce pain.

Our specially trained physiotherapists individually tailor physiotherapy treatments for each woman to meet her own personal needs.

The physiotherapy treatments focus on improving general functioning, reduction of pain and enhancement of each woman’s quality of life.

We also provide individual and group solutions for common difficulties experienced during pregnancy including orthopedic and neurological issues, shortness of breath, pelvic functioning and complications from extended bed rest. 

Physiotherapy services begin rehabilitation from the first day after birth in the Maternity Department.
Physiotherapy Clinic for Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

The Physiotherapy Clinic for Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation, located in Galilee Medical Center's outpatient clinic, provides services to patients suffering from abnormalities of the pelvic floor.

The physiotherapy treatments are for a variety of problems including pain and difficulty during sexual relations, difficulties in bladder control, pelvic prolapse, and pregnancy and tearing during childbirth.


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