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The Center for Child Development and Pediatric Neurology

The Center for Child Development and Pediatric Neurology offers treatment from birth to age six and serves as an institute for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of neurological and developmental problems such as autism, arrested development and other syndromes. The center’s interdisciplinary team includes physicians, physiotherapists, speech clinicians, occupational therapists, a developmental psychologist and a social worker.   

The Pediatric Neurology Unit provides solutions for a wide range of neurological problems such as epilepsy, seizures, headaches, attention disorders, genetic neuro-metabolism disorders, nerve-muscle diseases and cerebral palsy.

The center works with a holistic approach that includes focus on the child and the family in the framework of interdisciplinary medicine outreach to the community. Each child who arrives at the center undergoes an examination by a developmental specialist and follow-up development monitoring until reaching school age. The treatments are individual and group oriented and include guidance for parents and the educational team caring for the child.

The emotional-behavioral treatment focuses on coping skills for the child and the parents with dyadic therapy and psycho-cognitive evaluation. Experienced speech clinicians treat a variety of language, hearing and communicative disorders. The clinic’s staff treat issues of sensory regulation, attention deficit, monitoring of premature babies, motor awkwardness and graphic-motor difficulties. Groups are available to prepare children for the transition to school.

The center is recognized as a framework to educate and offer professional training to medical students from various faculties including pediatric medicine, pediatric and adolescent psychiatry. In addition, interns and students of paramedical professions, train at the center and do rotations.

A family physician, a kindergarten teacher or parents may refer a patient for treatment at the center. All referrals require official approval.  Treatment is available in Hebrew and in Arabic.

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