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Pediatric Emergency Medicine Unit

The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Unit is an independent unit at the Galilee Medical Center to provide emergency medicine services to the children of the entire Galilee region from the age of 3 days to 18 years.

The major aim of the unit is to provide immediate, initial solutions in life threatening situations including breathing difficulties, severe infections, poisoning, attacks by animals, drowning and all kinds of accidents.

The Pediatric Emergency Medicine Unit emphasizes accurate evaluation of cases according to their severity and urgency and the proper provision of treatment for pain including procedures performed under anesthesia.

The pediatric emergency department operates in full cooperation with all of the medical center's pediatric units including plastic surgery, EKG, urology, pediatric surgery, neurosurgery and oral and maxillofacial surgery

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Reception hours and operating days


טלפון: 04-9107854
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