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General and Respiratory Intensive Care

The Intensive Care Unit accommodates patients in critical condition who need   monitoring, round the clock supervision and medical support. The unit's team receives and treats patients with complex conditions from all hospital departments, especially patients suffering from one or more kinds of organ or systems failure.

These cases involving such severe, chronic or rapidly deteriorating conditions demand the department's specialized supervision and treatment. Our multi-disciplined team consists of physicians, nurses, physiotherapists, bio-medical technicians, social workers, a dietician and administrative support personnel.

The unit's professional and highly skilled staff utilizes sophisticated, modern technology and equipment designed to treat complex medical situations and patients whose condition is susceptible to sudden changes. Individualized bedside monitoring results appear at the nurse's station, on central screens, in conference rooms and directly to the head of the department. 

The Intensive Care Unit team undergoes specialized training and works in collaboration with the other departments, providing guidance and expertise upon request. In addition, the team trains and mentors medical and nursing students, offers workshops and accepts interns specializing in intensive care medicine. Members of the team participate in a wide range of local and international academic and clinical research including and attend professional conferences and meetings.

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