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Orthopedic Department A

Galilee Medical Center's Orthopedic Department A performs all of the recognized modern orthopedic surgeries.  The department focuses on treating combat injuries, work related injuries and those resulting from traffic accidents.  Many operations repair broken, crushed or fractured bones, tendons or torn ligaments and to treat complex damage to hands and feet.

In recent years, the academic activity of the orthopedic department has greatly expanded in connection with the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine Bar Ilan University. Every year, three to four groups of medical students, some of whom are from the United States, perform their clinical rotations in orthopedic studies in our department. In addition, our team of doctors participate and lecture regularly at clinical and scientific conferences in Israel and abroad. 

The Scientific Council of the Israeli Medical Association recognizes the department as a provider of full surgical residencies in orthopedic surgery and recognized the Pediatric Surgery Unit for three months of mandatory rotation and b level rotation.
The Spinal Unit treats problems of the neck, back and hips, and performs a variety of procedures including ones for spinal degenerative conditions, disk herniation, carpal tunnel release, scoliosis, malignant spinal tumors, hip joint arthroscopy, repair of osteoporotic and vertebral fractures and adult deformity correction. 

The unit also utilizes micro-invasive procedures and injections as alternatives to other forms of open, invasive surgery. Despite the team's extensive surgical experience, the team attempts to employ conventional treatments before turning to surgical solutions. There, many cases are resolved successfully without surgical intervention.

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