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Surgery Department A

Surgery A focuses on trauma and vascular surgery.  The department performs both elective and urgent surgeries, and operates on both benign and malignant tumors.
Elective surgeries include hernia repair by classic or laparoscopic approaches, procedures treating diseases of the bladder, urinary tract, adrenal glands and the breasts well as the pancreas, the digestive system, the prostrate, the liver and the biliary system.

The department's team performs urgent surgery for treatment of acute infection demanding immediate intervention such as appendicitis, colon complications, and surgery for malignant diseases, and in cases of perforation or obstruction.  In addition, the department intervenes in trauma situations of all kinds. The medical center has also recently opened a new unit to provide treatment for lymphoma patients.
Moreover, the oncological, bariatric, ambulatory and breast cancer clinics provide an essential network of support and surgical services.    
Senior doctors and residents perform the surgeries using the best equipment and new technologies, both in an open approach and in a minimally invasive approach,. The department has therapeutic teams that include professional nurses, subject coordinators, a social worker, physiotherapists and a dietician.
In addition, the medical center has complementary professional clinics including ones for general surgery, oncology surgery, bariatric surgery, ambulatory surgery and for breast care.

In the framework of the collaboration between the medical center and the Azrieli Faculty of Medicine Bar Ilan University, the surgical division imparts knowledge and practical tools to medical students on an ongoing basis, with preparation for and execution of required exams at the completion of their studies. In addition, the Scientific Council of the Israeli Medical Association recognizes the department as a provider of full surgical residencies and participates in the training of nursing students.

Furthermore, Surgery Department A staffs Galilee Medical Center's innovative medical simulation center, and trains doctors in advanced laparoscopic and microsurgeries as well as in innovative minimally invasive procedures. The center’s team also conducts courses for medical students and residents as well as international courses for doctors from a wide range of countries.

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טלפון: 04-9107414
פקס: 04-9107409
וואטסאפ: 052-3339092
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