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Pediatric Department

• Providing medical and nursing care to patients for situations in varying degrees of complexity.
• Supervising patients who are in the process of diagnosis.
• Providing guidance to children and parents for a wide range of issues including healthy lifestyle, fever, seizures and prevention of home accidents.
• Offering support and assistance to families in crisis and coping with severe illness, social-emotional problems.

The department team includes interdisciplinary-senior physicians, residents and interns in pediatric medicine, nurses (most of them holding a first or second degree in nursing) and breastfeeding advisors. In addition, there are social workers, dieticians, physiotherapists, pharmacists and other support personnel. The department has a classroom and a team of certified teachers as well as a computer and games room.

Department staff view each child and family as an entity unto itself. We invest every effort to treat the children without pain or discomfort accompanied by the full involvement of the parents in the treatment plan. Parents are welcome and encouraged to stay beside their children during all procedures and at all times.

The department has full accreditation for residencies in pediatric medicine and includes a number of sub-specialties in order to provide services and solutions in every case 

In addition, the department includes an ambulatory outpatient clinic that aims to:

• Treat patients with chronic illnesses requiring daily, weekly or monthly treatments; and
• Treat patients by a one-time consultation with a specialist.

The Pediatric Department has full accreditation for a rotating residency in pediatric medicine.

The department has 10 rooms, each equipped with a bathtub for babies, a closet and a bed for parents staying overnight with their child.  The hospital provides three meals daily to hospitalized children with a menu that offers choices, and for babies, bottled formula is prepared according to the baby’s specific needs. The department also includes a well-equipped kitchen for parents' use.

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