Recently Galilee Medical Center's (GMC) Dr. Arie Eisenman, Head of Internal Medicine in the Emergency Department, and Co-Chair of PartnershiptoGether's Medical Task Force and Aya Kipershlak, International Affairs Department, Director, visited Budapest on behalf of the Western Galilee, Central Consortium and Budapest Medical Task Force for introductory meetings with medical personnel.
Meet Prof. Koji Kojo, Mr. G-d Bless and Coco Karambula! — three of Galilee Medical Center's Dream Doctors! Our professional ‪#‎medical ‪#‎clowns work closely with doctors and nurses in our ‪#‎emergency room, ‪#‎operating rooms, ‪#‎pediatrics and intensive care units to bring smiles and laughter to patients
Together we save lives! Galilee Medical Center partners with Magen David Adom
Proud to host AJC Project Interchange interfaith community leaders so they can meet face to face with authentic Israel.
the delegation spent a morning at the Galilee Medical Center (GMC) to get an inside look at our facility and hear about our experiences and emergency preparation protocols for mass casualty events.

Protecting the environment is a longtime important organizational aim of Galilee Medical Center (GMC). Due to our high level of performance in environmentally sustainable practices and meeting quality requirements, our Green Seal standard certification for Israeli health institutions was recently renewed.
The Galilee Medical Center proudly celebrated twenty years of the Jewish Agency's Partnership2Gether (P2G) program, the "peoplehood platform" that connects Jewish communities in the Diaspora with communities in Israel through people to people relationships.
As in previous years since the beginning of this century, Nahariya's 16th Conference on Holocaust and Medicine took place in the Galilee Medical Center with over 250 participants.
Patients, staff and visitors (both individuals and groups) continue to work on "Heart and Soul" the community art project that will hang in the entrance of the new Cardiology Center (currently under construction).
Liberty University's flagship Nursing Student delegation to Israel visited the Galilee Medical Center (GMC) to learn about Israel's medical system; the coexistence of our diverse staff and patients including Arab, Jewish, Christian and Druze, as a window to Israeli society in the north of Israel; and our treatment of over 1,000 injured and sick Syrian casualties from its civil war
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