Galilee Medical Center's Dept. of Orthopedics ‘B’ team successfully lengthened the leg of a young man wounded in Syria's Civil War, by 6 cm following surgery and a complex rehabilitation process.
How did seven Social Workers from four communities in the United States — Dayton, South Bend, Louisville and Fort Worth — come to Galilee Medical Center to learn...
Meniscal transplants from cadaver donors are rare in Israel and worldwide. Dorian Dahan (18) from Moshav Tzuriel was the first in the Galilee region and only the third in Israel, who has undergone this complex surgery.
The pelvic floor is the group of muscles and ligaments in the pelvic region which support the pelvic organs, including the bladder, rectum, and uterus or prostate. Contracting and relaxing these muscles allows a person to control bowel movements, urination, and sexual intercourse.
Our Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center Just Opened to Better Serve our Community with Professional Competence, Cutting-Edge Practice and Academic Excellence

We're glad to report that Samih Kiwan (18 1/2), from Maccabi Tzur Shalom's team in the Youth Soccer League, recently underwent complex surgery using an innovative method that restored his ligaments and meniscus. Thanks to the surgery's success, he is expected to resume training soon and return to the soccer field.
Galilee Medical Center’s General Director Dr. Masad Barhoum was in Brussels recently as a special guest of the Israeli delegations to the European Union and NATO.
An Israel Physicians' Association Scientific Council Committee recently visited Galilee Medical Center and relayed the good news following a meeting with the PICU's staff headed by Dr. Zeev Zonis since 1998.
Dr. Ora Bitterman-Deutsch, Head of Galilee Medical Center's Dermatology and Venereology outpatient clinic, advises the public to undergo regular periodic skin checkups since Non Melanoma skin cancer is by far the most common type of cancer.
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