Western Galilee hospital was proud to host the recent delegation of the IDF’s International Medical Corps Course.
Beyond the borders of Israeli medical care, WGH physicians travel on aide missions to provide care to citizens of the world.
When a learning opportunity to advance the position of women arrises in the community, female employess from WGH fill the classroom.
Thousands of residents visit WGH's first Community Health Fair "Days of Health for the Western Galilee."
Traveling from the Partnership2Gether community of Toledo to meet with the staff and administration of Western Galilee Hospital, Prof. Blair Grub and wife Dr. Barbara Straus spend the day with their Israeli collegues.
Nahariya welcomes Physician Assistant student Talia Subin for a six week medical externship.
Take an exclusive sneak peek at the new Emergency Department of WGH.

A celebration marking the advancement of helath care for over 600,000 of the Western Galilee region.
GWU students visit WGH to learn from our professionals what the Israeli healthcare system has to offer the future of American medicine.