The Friendly Room is a project of the Partnering2gether communities of the Central Consortium and overseen by volunteer staff from throughout Matte Asher. The recent months have seen the room’s opening and dedication being shared by the staff of the hospital and many of our partners from abroad.

Nahariaya, Israel – September 11, 2011. Marking ten years after the fall of the WTC Twin Towers and five years after the Second Lebanon War, Western Galilee Hospital convened the “International Conference on Lessons Learned from Terror Attacks and War.”
Through complex international collaboration, Israeli doctors from the Western Galilee Hospital- Nahariya where able to restore eye sight to a young woman from the Republic of Georgia with a cornea donation from the United States.
Hodaya just celebrated her first birthday with guests of honor being the medical staff of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of Western Galilee Hospital- Nahariya that made such an event a possibility.

Eighth graders from Mate Asher Regional Council schools Elon Cabri, Ofek, and Hashlom worked together during the 2010 school year on a "Kaleidoscope" project as part of the education programs provided by Partnering2Gether in the Western Galilee.