A recent youth generated initiative from the children of Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra turned out to be more than a fun way to earn some extra cash in the summer. The children created a colorful market, selling used toys and other items gathered from their homes, to collect money on the behalf of the children hospitalized in the Western Galilee Hospital.

Nearly 1000 children, grades 1-6, became active in this initiative by collecting the items for sale over a series of weeks. Gili Reuben, Tomer Levy, Maya Mitrani and Shai Schwartz arrived this week accompanied by their guide from the children's center, Haim Levy for a special meeting with the management of the hospital to contribute the 1772 Shekels that resulted from their sales to benefit the parents and children being cared for in the hospital.

Director General, Dr. Massad Barhoum explains, "This is a special honor to receive from the children from Rosh Hanikra who in their spare time set about to care for the welfare of other children in the hospital. Throughout the year, many donations come to the hospital. But one such as this carries special meaning. I am very grateful to these children for their open hearts and generous ambitions.”