In a ceremony held recently at Western Galilee Hospital- Nahariya, the staff and administration honored the tremendous work and devotion of the 65 young men and women who completed their National Services year in the hospital. Electing service in important community institutions en lieu of military service, the youths worked throughout the hospital in a variety differing departments and roles. As in years past, 20% of the group was comprised of teens with special needs allowing them to serve in a productive capacity in a safe institution close to home. Ruth Levy, Nurse Administrator who heads this program stated that "This year was a mosaic representing the region's Jews, Druze and Muslims, religious and secular, immigrants and residents who give of themselves to the community. Their contributions give us so much and I hope that they have received much in return. I would like to note the decision of Ruti Ifrah, Administrative Director, to include more teens with special needs who have contributed and felt as equals in the community. We look forward to continuing this trend in the coming year, allowing us to understand the importance of equality in the hospital and providing an opportunity for everyone to contribute."

The ceremony was attended by Dr. Moshe Daniel, Deputy Director, Ruti Ifrah Administrative Director, Ronit Kalman, Director of Nurse Administration and representatives from all departments of the hospital who have come to know this year’s volunteers as a part of their hospital family.

Dr. Daniel pointed out to the volunteers that, "National Service Volunteers are the best ambassadors of the hospital to the community in which they live throughout the region. Our staff has learned so much from your commitment to your work and we hope that you’ve walked away more knowledgeable after your year here with us. The hospital is in the midst of an extensive development process and at the same time, we are a key part of the Faculty of Medicine which opened this year in the Galilee. I hope that we will see an increase of your continuing after your service here on the faculties of medicine and hopefully in later careers back in the hospital.”