When a recent learning opportunity to advance the status of women in the community arose, it was little surprise that the classroom was filled with so many members of the WGH community. Within the first moments of the 4 month course it became clear that the room was packed with nurses, staff, volunteers and community supporters of the hospital.

Hospital administration circulated a memo to the female employees of WGH in early autumn that a course would be taking place to advance the placement of women in a variety of institutions; the registration quickly became filled with eager students from the hospital. The course, organized by WIZO Nahariya, enabled participants to learn about the many aspects of appointment to directorial boards of companies, non-profit organizations and public service institutions. Students also received the certification needed to hold a position on the board of directors for any such institution. While many members of the course state that they are not currently seeking these positions, they feel the tools they’ve received and the experience of learning in this unique and dynamic environment of all female classes has helped them to advance themselves in both their professional and private lives.

The Western Galilee Hospital is proud to have shown such strength in numbers in this community initiative and hopes to carry on filling the classrooms of continued learning programs throughout the community to advance the staff and community as a whole.