Throughout the years of the hospital’s interaction with Partnership2Gether, joining the communities of Nahariya and Northern New Jersey, WGH has received many students through its popular Medical externship program. The 6-week Medical Externship program allows students in a variety of healthcare professions to complete a clinical rotation in Israel while customizing their course of study. The cooperation between the home institutions of learning, the hospital and the affiliated communities make the Externship an entirely unique experience in Israel.

But when Physician Assistant student, Talia Subin of NNJ, attempted to find an externship opportunity anywhere in Israel, she came up empty handed. The position of Physician Assistant is one that does not exist in the Israeli healthcare system. Only after being aided by her local Jewish Federation did Talia come to WGH where the staff and administration was happy to have her.

“The exchange of students is important to the hospital,” said Dr. Barhoum, “It allows the hospital to be a bridge to connect Americans to Israel in a hands-on way and allows us to reach out to the American communities in collaboration and cooperation.”

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