Today marks a significant step towards reducing the gap between center and periphery: "After many years we have been compelled to share a mobile MRI with other hospitals in the northern region, we are proud to inaugurate new and modern institute that will meet over half a million residents of the Western Galilee." explains Dr. Masad Barhoum, General Director adding:

"The existence of a fixed MRI Institute at the hospital will significantly improve the ability to diagnosis and the treatment of hospitalized patients, as well as victims of trauma, critical situations of any kind. MRI Institute is the essential first step in the establishment of the Neurosurgery Department and will act as the first step in permitting complex brain surgery and urgent care here in the Western Galilee. In addition, the Institute will significantly reduce the waiting time for area residents required to perform an MRI, which until today was double for residents of Western Galilee compared to their counterparts of the Center. I want to thank everyone who contributed to reach this moment. "

MRI is noninvasive scanning and imaging inside the body without using x-rays. The device is based on a powerful magnet and radio waves. During the test device transmits radio waves are absorbed by small changes in the magnetic field allows to distinguish between different tissues. The great advantage in MRI is the test does not include radiation. MRI can distinguish better quality among the various tissues. This is a very common procedure in Western medicine today – a device almost every medical institution holds. Lack of a permanent MRI in the North caused many residents who required MRI to wait for months until receiving an appointment in a remote location.

The Ministry of Health recently given a license to operate 11 additional devices throughout Israel. One of which was granted to Western Galilee Hospital- Nahariya. The cost of the device which was estimated at 10 million NIS which was funded by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Development of Negev and Galilee, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews- headed by Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein and Friends of the Western Galilee Hospital.

Deputy Health Minister MK Rabbi Yaakov Litzman: "Unfortunately when I got to the Ministry of Health a few years ago I realized that the health care system deals with providing service to 2 countries- a state at the center of the country and periphery with the gap in life expectancy between the center and the periphery of 4 years. It's a great injustice that can not be accepted. I am pleased that what Nahariya hospital does today is a substantial upgrade adding a medical array MRI for the public welfare. This is a sign to the city, the periphery and the citizens of Israel. We need improve the service to the periphery at all levels, starting from the operation of emergency medical centers in outlying areas, persistence in dentistry, we promised to equip all MRI device Hospitals and we are moving towards the goal. MRI is a necessity not a luxury. "
Minister of Negev and Galilee Development Minister Silvan Shalom stated, "Iin conjunction with the opening of the medical school in Safed we are leading the program to upgrade hospitals and health systems in the North. Acquisition of the MRI is another step in our actions to reduce health disparities unbearable between center and periphery”

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, president of the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews explained: "The IFCJ has contributed from the time of its inception to improve infrastructure and protection on the home front in the periphery. When the hospital contacted us with a request to contribute to the acquisition of MRI to the hospital in Nahariya we contributed to this important project as well as to four other cities in the periphery. It is not reasonable that the residents of the periphery lack the infrastructure which benefits residents of the Center. No one’s life is less valuable and in the recent years these residents have stood to meet security threats, they deserve the best defense.”

WGH wishes to thank the many honorable guests in attendance for the grand opening ceremony of the new MRI Institute of Western Galilee Hospital.