February 7, 2012 was an exciting morning in Western Galilee Hospital as dozens of the white coat clad students filled the halls of the hospital wards. On the first day of their clinical track, students of Bar Ilan’s Medical Faculty in Tzfat seemed both eager and relieved to be starting their rounds in WGH. As the largest clinical field to host the Bar Ilan Medical School, WGH will receive over 60% of the coming students on rotation.

“We were just waiting to come back,” one student remarked while on a quick lunch break in the hospital’s dining hall. “We’ve been all over Europe. It was time to come home.” In recent years, a shortage of spaces available in Israeli medical schools forced students to study abroad and only hope to return to practice medicine in Israel. With the opening of Israel’s 5th medical school, Israeli students have started to pour back from across the globe to finish their medical studies in Israel.

Returning from places like Venice, Prague, Budapest, Milan and Oman students got right to work learning the ropes of the hospital and visiting patients.

Welcome to Western Galilee Hospital and good luck to all.