Dr. Elon Granader, Division Chief of Ultrasound, and Dr. Ryan Downey, Assistant Professor of Radiology, both from UNMC in Omaha, NE, visited earlier this month and gave lectures to staff members and medical students on "Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound," a unique modality for characterizing masses as benign or malignant to help guide workup and management decisions, including surgery.

Galilee Medical Center's Foreign Affairs Department, headed by Mrs. Aya Kagade, arranged their visit in coordination with Dr. Doron Fischer, head of the Radiology Department, who met with the doctors after the lectures and accompanied them for a visit in the department.

Dr. Granader and Dr. Downey also learned about Galilee Medical Center's unique features including its close proximity to the Lebanese border, emergency preparedness that takes place in the hospital on an ongoing basis, and future plans of the administration to continue the expansion of the hospital to benefit the 600,000 plus diverse residents of the Western Galilee region and beyond.

They also toured our Underground Hospital, the first one built in Israel, and other fortified facilities.

The UNMC doctors' visit arose through Galilee Medical Center's collaboration with the Partnershiptogether WesternGalilee program which promotes mutually beneficial endeavors and strengthens the bonds between the Western Galilee and sixteen communities in the US and Budapest, one of which is the Jewish Federation of Omaha, their home town.

Broadening medical knowledge through collaborative professional exchanges is a hallmark of the longstanding relationship between our hospital and those of our partnered communities.

Photos: Roni Albert