What are the chances of a father and son having the same exact injury, undergoing surgery one after another in the same hospital, and then hospitalized in the same room? This is exactly what happened to Kfar Vradim residents Eyal Ferrero, 44, and his son Uri, 15, who both tore the anterior cruciate ligament in their right knee and needed the same surgery.

This rare coincidence began when Eyal was injured while playing sports with his children. For a while, he tolerated the injury, but as it worsened, he reached a point that he realized he should get it checked. Meanwhile, just a few months after Eyal was injured, his son Uri was injured in exactly the same place during a basketball game.

Recently, at Galilee Medical Center, they both underwent surgery on the same day, one after the other, starting with Uri and then his father, to reconstruct their anterior cruciate ligaments. Then, they were in the recovery room together and even hospitalized in the same room in the orthopedic department. Finally, they were discharged home together and will go for joint physical therapy treatments.

Dr. Einal Bathish, director of Galilee Medical Center's Orthopedic Arthroscopy Unit operated on both father and son. Dr. Bathish: "I can't remember a case like this. Both their MRIs showed they had the same injury: a rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament. Each underwent surgery for about an hour and a half, one after the other, and after a few days' hospitalization, they were released home together."

Carmit Ferrero, Eyal's wife and Uri's mother, summed up the experience: "It was a stressful feeling when Uri was in the operating room and Eyal was on the way there.
Their recovery period will be challenging, as I will have to help them both with everything. I thank the management, especially Dr. Masad Barhoum, for allowing them to be hospitalized in the same room which made it a little easier for us."

Photo: Holding hands in the recovery room. Eyal and Uri Ferrero with wife / mother Carmit and surgeon Dr. Einal Bathish (left) and Dr. Vasim Mashiel - ד"ר ואסים משיעל

📷: Roni Albert