While "Z" was in Internal Medicine Department C, the medical team learned that he had never had a bar mitzvah.
Nuhad Shehada, Head Nurse of the department, contacted a representative from Chabad in Nahariya who organized a bar mitzvah ceremony for him.
The department's staff prepared "Z"'s room for this exciting event and so, after a 54 year delay, "Z" finally fulfilled his childhood dream.

During the ceremony, "Z" told his life story to the nurses, doctors and staff.
He said that at the age of 5 1/2, he and his family immigrated to Israel from Poland.
His family was not religious and so he never had a bar mitzvah.
Although he never married, he spent his life taking care of his mother and has been volunteering in a club for the blind so he can contribute to society.

"Z" thanked the medical staff for being so sensitive, warm and caring and said that this gesture will forever be cherished in his heart.
It is stories like this and other examples of our staff going above and beyond the basic care, that makes Galilee Medical Center a truly special place.