World Kidney Day is noted annually around the world in order to raise awareness of the importance of our kidneys and the impact of kidney disease, the risk factors associated with it and preventive behaviors.

Chronic kidney disease has been recognized as the fifth major cause of morality in Israel.

In its advanced stage, the disease prevents an adequate quality of life without on-going dialysis or a kidney transplant leading to frequent hospitalizations, a high degree of morbidity and early death.

This year, Kidney Day was marked in our Surgical Wing lobby.
Nephrology Department Nurse Ramzi Faraj organized the information stands which were manned by Dialysis Department staff members who explained the importance of public awareness and early detection of the disease, and the value of a healthy lifestyle to visitors and patients.

It is important to emphasize that early detection enables intervention aimed at slowing down the advancement of disease and facilitating access to alternative treatment protocols.

Awareness is especially critical since patients play a central role in management of kidney disease.

Therefore, the patient’s familiarity with the nature of the disease and the methods employed in its treatment is crucial.

Who is found in the high risk category for kidney disease?

• Patients with high blood pressure
• Diabetics
• Patients with heart disease
• Overweight patients
• Smokers
• Relatives of chronic kidney disease patients over age 60.
• Patients suffering from blood vessel diseases

Chronic kidney disease can be detected by simple blood and urine testing and its advancement can be halted or slowed down by changes in lifestyle and aggressive stabilization of diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol.

As a result of medical innovation, there are currently new drugs available to protect the kidneys and aid in halting their deterioration.

Patients are called upon to adopt medical recommendations strictly including taking medication properly and participating in regular follow-up visits to a specialist in nephrology.

Six Golden Rules for Kidney Health:
• Keep Active and Fit
• Keep Your Blood Sugar Under Control
• Monitor Your Blood Pressure
• Eat a Healthy Diet and Maintain a Healthy  Weight
• Stop Smoking
• Avoid Taking Over-the -Counter-Medications

Photos: Dialysis Department