Meniscal transplants from cadaver donors are rare in Israel and worldwide. Dorian Dahan (18) from Moshav Tzuriel was the first in the Galilee region and only the third in Israel, who has undergone this complex surgery.
At the age of 16, Dahan was injured in his right knee and had previously undergone complex surgery during which the injured meniscus was removed from his knee.

Dr. Einal Bathish, senior physician in the Department of Orthopedics “A” at Galilee Medical Center, a specialist in knee surgery and sports medicine: “Two years ago Dorian underwent surgery to remove the meniscus in his right knee due to a significant tear and crushing of it which caused his knee to lock. In order to prevent him from having further complications and knee replacement surgery in another ten years, he underwent meniscal transplant surgery”.

After waiting for several months, Dahan and his family received word that there was a meniscus donor from a family whose loved one had passed away.
In surgery which took approximately two hours, with the participation of other senior surgeons, including: Dr. Gabriel Eger, Director, Dept. of Orthopedics “A”, Assaf HaRofe, Dr. Yiftach Bar, Director, Endoscopic Orthopedic Unit at Assaf HaRofe, Dr. Dror Lindner, Senior Physician at Assaf HaRofe, Dr. Hussein Shenadeh, Deputy Director, Dept. of Orthopedics, Ziv Medical Center and Dr. Noam Reshef, Senior Physician, Foot and Ankle Specialist, Ziv Medical Center, the meniscus was transplanted to Dahan’s knee and the procedure was successfully completed.

Dr. Bathish: “The surgery took 90 minutes less than was expected and we started physiotherapy treatments immediately after Dorian had a chance for some rest and recovery. I believe that he will be able to return to weight-bearing on his leg within a number of weeks and have a better quality of life due to the surgery.
It is important to note that there is complex preparation in order to perform this type of surgery.

Galilee Medical Center, headed by Dr. Masad Barhoum, went forward with it in line with its policy to promote advanced and leading services at a national level, which have developed in the last number of years at the Medical Center”.

Dorian and his mother Simona Dahan: “We thank the team, headed by Dr. Bathish, who successfully performed the surgery, with all our heart. We have been in follow-up care at Galilee Medical Center for two years already and we feel at home here; the surgery was the most important moment. We thank Dr. Masad Barhoum, Director of the Medical Center, who took it upon himself to aid in all that was needed for this surgery. It is great to know that we have a hospital nearby that is able to offer patients advanced surgeries which are rarely performed at other hospitals.
 Also, by Darian's undergoing surgery close to our home, we were spared the runaround at distant hospitals, additional bureaucracy and coping with staff that didn't know us. The entire staff in Orthopedics “A” treated us in the most dedicated, professional and compassionate manner."

During Dr. Bathish's fellowship at a large medical center in Munich, Germany he focused, among other things, on the field of sports injuries and stabilization of the knee after complex injuries such as to the meniscus. He now heads the Knee Clinic at Galilee Medical Center and approximately 600 patients from all over the north who have suffered from sports injuries and complex knee injuries due to accidents have already visited the clinic for treatment over the past year.

Pictured: Meniscal Transplant for Dorian Dahan
Credit: Roni Albert, Galilee Medical Center