We're glad to report that Samih Kiwan (18 1/2), from Maccabi Tzur Shalom's team in the Youth Soccer League, recently underwent complex surgery using an innovative method that restored his ligaments and meniscus. Thanks to the surgery's success, he is expected to resume training soon and return to the soccer field.

Senior surgeon Dr. Einal Bathish who specializes in knee surgery and sports medicine in Galilee Medical Center's Orthopedics Department A said: "Samih was injured in March 2017 during a practice. After he received initial treatment and a series of physiotherapy treatments, his injury did not improve and he was referred to our knee clinic."

An MRI indicated his cruciate ligament and two meniscuses (internal and external) were ruptured and he also had significant damage to cartilage. We operated to try to repair the injuries so he could return to the field."

Dr. Bathish: "We specialize in performing the complex surgery that was needed in a shorter time. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art arthroscopic devices we made two small cuts instead of the larger one that was done in the past in these types of injuries. First we reconstructed the meniscus and then the ligaments. After that, the damaged cartilage was treated, and to my delight shortly after the operation, his condition improved. "

Two weeks after surgery Samih was able to step on his leg and even bend his knee to a 90 degree angle, indicating its success. Now he will have a series of physical therapy treatments and is expected to gradually return to training.

Samih Kiwan: "After my injury everyone told me that I would need complex surgery and that I should go to a hospital in the center of the country.

I heard about Dr. Bathish and his expertise so I decided to come to Galilee Medical Center for treatment which is close to my home. I thank Dr. Bathish and the orthopedic department's team for treating my injury which had prevented me from playing soccer since last March. I already feel much better and I'm sure I'll start training again soon and then playing. My injury was very serious, both physically and mentally, especially since it occurred while I am so young. I am happy that it now appears that my knee is in a position that will allow me to return to the game as if I had not been injured."

Dr. Bathish is the head surgeon at the Knee Clinic since returning from a fellowship at a large medical center in Munich, Germany that included specialization in sports injuries and stabilization of the knee after complex injuries with the innovative arthroscopic method. During the past year he has treated over 500 patients suffering from sports and other complex injuries due to accidents.
Photo: Roni Albert