Emergency endoscopic surgery for the treatment of hydrocephalus (excessive fluids in the cerebral ventricles), saved Ayhem, a 7-year old boy's, life.  Ayhem's parents had brought him to Ziv Medical Center's emergency room, as it is only 8 miles away from Rihaniya, the Circassian village in the Upper Galilee where they live, following his complaints of severe headaches and confusion. After an imaging exam, he was urgently transferred to Galilee Medical Center for continued examination, including an immediate MRI scan of his brain, and treatment by our Neurosurgery Department.

Dr. Sergey Abeshaus: Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery, “The imaging demonstrated significant narrowing of the passage of fluids in Ayhem's brain. In the past, it was a common practice to insert a ventricular-peritoneal (VP) shunt during surgery in such cases; but in the last few years, there has been an increase in performing the surgery endoscopically. The advantage of this method is to treat the problem without leaving a foreign body in the brain. We operated immediately after the MRI exam – and the child was transferred to our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU).” Upon showing signs of satisfactory recovery, Ayhem was then transferred to Pediatric Surgery for continued monitoring and recovery. Then he was discharged home.

Dr. Abeshaus: “Ayhem apparently suffered from the problem in a minor way since birth, but as he grew, it intensified. There is no doubt that his parents saved his life by bringing him to the hospital for treatment. He is expected to be fully recovered fairly soon.”

Na’ama, Ayhem’s mother: “Our son was given back to us. He simply recovered in the best way possible. I want to thank the Neurosurgery and the PICU's staff and especially Dr. Sergey for saving his life. We know that if we hadn’t come for treatment, it would have ended terribly.  Ayhem loves soccer and I can’t wait to see him return and play with his friends in the village. It is an emotional time for us as we have gone through some very tense and difficult days. Now we are happy and thank G-d that we got through it successfully.”

Our Neurosurgery Department, headed by Prof. Jean Soustiel, is equipped with a new and advanced instrument which allows our team to perform a wide variety of minimally invasive surgeries, 24/7, which enable a faster recovery on the one hand and alleviates patients’ suffering, on the other hand. At Galilee Medical Center we continue to treat more and more cases in our Neurosurgery department including a significant increase in the number of pediatric referrals.

In the photo:Ayhem Hamida with Dr. Sergey Abeshaus, who performed the surgery

Photo: Roni Albert