General Director Dr. Masad Barhoum shared the story of Galilee Medical Center's ongoing medical care for Syrians with members of the European Union's Parliament and other leaders in Brussels recently as a special guest of the Israeli delegations to the European Union and NATO. During the visit he gave presentations to members of the European Parliament and at NATO headquarters and he also met with Israel's Ambassador to the European Union and NATO, Aharon (Roni) Leshno-Yaar.

Dr. Barhoum: "I held a series of meetings and gave several lectures focused on two main subjects. First, about Galilee Medical Center’s ongoing humanitarian medical treatment since March 2013, throughout all of our departments, of 70% of the Syrian casualties who have been treated in Israel. This was an opportunity for me to show the world the beautiful face of the State of Israel. Second, I spoke about our location, only 6 miles from the Lebanese border, and being the frontline of care for the State of Israel in the north during both routine times and in times of emergency.”

While in Brussels, Dr. Barhoum also met with Monique Pariat, Director-General of the European Commission for Civil Defense and Humanitarian Aid (DG ECHO). Ms. Pariat praised Israel’s humanitarian activities to save lives of wounded Syrians including women, men, children and infants. Additionally, he had a meeting with Peter Lukas, a member of the European Parliament and head of its association with Israel. He also received a special tour of a Belgian military hospital. During the visit Dr. Barhoum was interviewed by international media and the Belgian newspaper La Libre Belgique. Throughout his stay in Brussels, which was coordinated by the medical center's International Affairs Department, Dr. Barhoum was accompanied by staff members of Israel’s Belgian Embassy and its embassy to the European Union and to NATO.

Photo: Dr. Masad Barhoum and Aharon (Roni) Leshno-Yaar, Israel's Ambassador to the European Union and NATO