Galilee Medical Center's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) is being recognized for accreditation for pediatric critical care specialization! An Israel Physicians' Association Scientific Council Committee recently visited Galilee Medical Center and relayed the good news following a meeting with the PICU's staff headed by Dr. Zeev Zonis since 1998. Dr. Zonis: "As the largest medical center in the Galilee, we serve an extensive geographic area and provide critical care for hospitalized pediatric patients including severe trauma and  life threatening injuries and more.
Over the years our PICU has gained vast experience treating a wide variety of trauma casualties, including during the Second Lebanon War and since 2013, caring for children wounded in Syria's civil war."

Our PICU is the only one to receive such recognition in the periphery of Israel and in the Galilee in particular.

Dr. Masad Barhoum, Galilee Medical Center's General Director: "The accreditation of the PICU for pediatric critical care adds an important element to the development of the unit and to our care of pediatric patients in general and benefits both the medical center and the community we serve." Galilee Medical Center serves approximately 600,000 people in the Western Galilee directly and another 600,000 people for unique surgical services in northern Israel. Moreover, the medical center is the main teaching hospital for Bar-Ilan University's Faculty of Medicine in the Galilee with approximately 60% of its students doing their clinical rotations in our departments. Many of our senior physicians and directors of departments are members of the Faculty of Medicine's academic staff. Our accreditation for specializations is continually being expanded placing our medical center at the forefront of academic and medical activities in Israel.

Photo of Galilee Medical Center Pediatric Intensive Care Unit: Roni Albert