The Segula Unit, established by our management in cooperation with the Center for Social Equality, provides seniors with special services and information on subjects such as long-term care, medical rehabilitation, home health care, rights and benefits for Holocaust survivors, employment of foreign workers, rights of family members who care for long-term residents, long-term care and access to rehabilitation and mobility facilities. In September 2016, the program, active in just 12 hospitals across Israel, was recognized with an award for streamlining and reducing bureaucracy by the Civil Service Commission.

Social Worker Livnat Pony manages the program and trains the volunteers who work in cooperation with our social workers and Social Services Department headed by Hana Solomon. Segula's volunteers visit patients in the various departments, ask about their welfare and provide them with information about their rights and services that are available for them. Additionally, the volunteers' follow-up with patients by telephone after they have been discharged to offer assistance regarding clarification and exercising their rights.

Presently we have 20 dedicated, giving and professional people volunteering in the Segula program under the framework of Galilee Medical Center's YAEL organization, to benefit our patients. The Unit works in cooperation with the Center for Senior Citizens of the Ministry for Social Equality.

The Segula volunteers' office is located in the screening area, in front of the health fund organizations by the Emergency Room and they work in coordination with the hotline for senior citizens run by the Center for Social Equality8840* .

For information or to volunteer, call 04-9107388.

Photo: Galilee Medical Center's outstanding Segula volunteers together with Hana Solomon, Director of the Social Services Department and Social Worker, Livnat Pony, Segula's manager.

Photo: Roni Albert