Innovation at Galilee Medical Center! Our doctors used a unique endoscopic approach to improve the condition of a woman suffering from Cushing's disease.

Dr. Yuval Grober, a Senior Neurosurgeon who specializes in endoscopic surgeries for the base of the skull, and Dr. Tal Marshak, Senior Surgeon and Head of Rhinology & Skull Base Surgery in the ENT Department, diagnosed a 55-year-old northern resident who was suffering from unbalanced diabetes and hypertension for several years, with Cushing's disease due to a small tumor of a few millimeters in her pituitary gland.

Dr. Grober: "The tumor led to the increased release of the hormone cortisol which can lead, among other things, to a disturbance in the blood sugar balance, high blood pressure and subsequently irreversible damage to many body organs. We sent her for an MRI which showed that she had three tumor centers, each about 2-3 mm in diameter, in her pituitary gland."
After her examination, Drs. Grober and Marshak operated with an endoscopic approach through her nose and facial cavities.
The method was performed for the first time in Israel via a 3D endoscopic system of STORZ imported from Breslauer Ltd Medical Technologies. This particular endoscope enables a full HD image with an optically unique technology and digital image processing.

Dr. Marshak: "Using the 3D option for this system allowed us to explore deeper areas which undoubtedly helped to remove another block (about 2-3 mm in diameter) that was located in the posterior and lateral corner of the patient's pituitary gland. After successfully removing the suspicious lumps, the patient's blood test indicated a decrease in cortisol to normal levels indicating that all tumor foci were removed."
During a follow-up examination in our Outpatient Clinic three weeks after the operation, the patient reported that she felt a dramatic improvement and her blood sugar and blood pressure were both balanced.