Galilee Medical Center Researcher Receives Prestigious

 Grant from the Israel Cancer Research Fund

Galilee Medical Center's General Director, Dr. Masad Barhoum was the main guest at the Israel Cancer Research Fund - Israel's (ICRF) recent gathering in Nazareth which was attended by Advocate Tamir Gilat, Chairman of ICRF-Israel; Leah Susskind, President of ICRF-Israel; Andrea Goldstein, Manager of ICRF-Israel and other notable guests from the Galilee.

Dr. David Azoulay, PhD, in Charge of the Laboratory for Clinical Cell Analysis & Translational Research in Galilee Medical Center's Hematology Institute, also attended the event. Dr. Azoulay recently received a prestigious three year grant from the ICRF to support his study of genetic and biochemical alterations in BDNF (an important neuroprotective protein) underlying the development of Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy in cancer patients.

General Director Dr. Masad Barhoum: "It was wonderful to attend the event with a variety of important people from our region and leaders of ICRF-Israel along with Dr. David Azoulay who received an illustrious ICRF grant to support his research over three years. Dr. Azoulay's success fits our vision for integrating medicine, research and academia to benefit our community."

Dr. Azoulay: "Cancer cuts across all ethnic and religious groups. The ICRF-Israel event was attended by influential people from the Muslim, Christian and Druze sectors which constitute a mosaic of communities in the Galilee, and exposed them to the ICRF's work which aims to promote cancer research. Receiving the ICRF stipend is a great responsibility for me. I will persevere in my research on the study of cancer and I hope, with G-d's help, to stand up to the challenge. I want to thank the ICRF's management, General Director of Galilee Medical Center, Dr. Masad Barhoum, Mona Bkheit, CEO of the Health Corporation, and senior staff in our Oncology Institute and laboratories for their support and assistance."

Advocate Tamir Gilat noted that "the ICRF continues its policy to expose the organization to communities across Israel in order to increase understanding about the importance of cancer research to benefit future generations. The ICRF will continue to realize its vision — finding a cure for cancer through Israel's leading cancer researchers — the future is in our hands."

Pictured: Leah Susskind, President of ICRF-Israel, Dr. David Azoulay and Dr. Masad Barhoum, General Director, Galilee Medical Center.