We're proud of our Nursing Staff's presentation of research papers and posters at international and national conferences with Nursing Research Coordinator, Dr. (PHD) Idilbi Nasra.

 Just a small sample includes Nurse Maysoon Bishara from the Emergency Room's lecture on "The Motives for Abortion" and the IVF Department's Nurse Supervisor, Naomi Albert's presentation of a poster on research titled "The Effect of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions on Infants’ Pain" that won a Certificate of Excellence, both at the recent 9th Euro Nursing & Medicare Conference in Rome.

Galilee Medical Center's Management and Nursing Administration fully support an environment of inquiry because new knowledge is gained through research which subsequently leads to progress that promotes the quality of nursing care and our patients' treatment.

 We applaud our many nurses' contributions to nursing and their dedication to life-long learning.