Liberty University's flagship Nursing Student delegation to Israel visited the Galilee Medical Center (GMC) to learn about Israel's medical system; the coexistence of our diverse staff and patients including Arab, Jewish, Christian and Druze, as a window to Israeli society in the north of Israel; and our treatment of over 1,000 injured and sick Syrian casualties from its civil war, both adults and children, who have been crossing the border over the last three plus years for emergency medical treatment.

The group discovered that the care and compassion given to all patients is in line with the GMC's motto, "Adam l'Adam – Adam", or “Person to Person – Person” which means that when one enters the gates of the medical center they are simply viewed as caregiver or patient, regardless of their background, religion, or culture. Everyone is just a human being.

Dr. Tal Marshak, Senior Physician, Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery Department explained to the group that although Syria is technically still at war with Israel, our medical staff is busy saving its citizens' lives in an internal  humanitarian aid effort.
He remarked that nearly every night two or three severe multi-trauma Syrians continue to arrive at the GMC for lifesaving care.
He also described several complex lifesaving surgeries performed on Syrian casualties for the nursing students.

Following the visit, Dr. Catherine Kay, PhD, FNP-C, MSN, RN, the Associate Professor who led the nursing students' group, which included three students in Liberty's Graduate Doctor of Nursing Practice Program, remarked:

 "One of the highlights of our trip to Israel was our visit to the Galilee Medical Center.

I am telling everyone about the work you are doing! Thank you so much! Should we come to Israel next year, your hospital will be a must on our list. It was a tremendous experience for our students! Thank you for demonstrating what "love your enemy" means!"