Protecting the environment is a longtime important organizational aim of Galilee Medical Center (GMC).

Due to our high level of performance in environmentally sustainable practices and meeting quality requirements, our Green Seal standard certification for Israeli health institutions was recently renewed.

This certification recognizes the GMC's ongoing commitment to health and the environment and our active efforts towards continuous improvement. The certification also demands that we continue to serve as a leading health organization that promotes environmental awareness and policies and as an example to others.

Dr. Masad Barhoum, general director of the GMC, said:

"We believe in maintaining a healthy environment and energy savings, proper treatment of waste, raising awareness of recycling, maintaining a smoke free environment in the Medical Center and more"...
He also emphasized that maintaining a healthy environment is the personal responsibility of each and every employee in order to positively affect our own quality of life and health, as well as that of our children.

The Green Seal certification acknowledges the efforts of the Galilee Medical Center's leaders involved in promoting actions to protect the environment and provides encouragement to everyone to join them in their efforts.