GMC is a longstanding pillar of Partnership and we hosted two large delegations to mark the milestone. GMC's participation in P2G is coordinated by the International Affairs Department, headed by Ms. Aya Kipershlak, and Dr. Arie Eisenman, Head of Internal Medicine, Emergency Department and Co-Chair of the Partnership Medical Task Force.

First we welcomed a
P2G@20 delegation of dear old friends, along with new ones, from the Western Galilee and Central Region Consortium (which pairs 13 United States Jewish Federation communities and Budapest, Hungary with Israel’s Western Galilee).

For the festive occasion Professor Jacob Bornstein, Chairman, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Associate Dean, Bar-Ilan University Faculty of Medicine, welcomed the group in the Women's Health Wing with the backdrop of the P2G "Tree of Life" mosaic creative endeavor that defines the Partnership narrative.

General Director Dr. Masad Barhoum also greeted our guests and bestowed an honorary dedication and gift to Zoe Riekes President, American Friends of the Galilee Medical Center and past Co-Chair of the P2G Western Galilee-Central Consortium, for her years of friendship, dedication and commitment to the GMC and the residents of our region. Dr. Barhoum told Zoe:

"We are blessed that you have adopted our hopes and dreams for growth and development as your own. You opened your heart to us. We entered your heart and you entered ours."
A week later a P2G@20 celebration group reflecting the rich tapestry of partnership communities, visited to explore our hallmark partnering for health programs with the: 1)Western Galilee and the Central Region; 2) Western Galilee and Dallas; and 3) Nahariya and Northern New Jersey partnership.

To begin, Raya Strauss, President of the Friends of the GMC, spoke about her longtime love and support of the Medical Center as it is the life and heart of the Western Galilee; Ms. Judy Yuda, Director of Partnerships, Jewish Agency for Israel, Nahariya-NNJ, Afula-Gilboa-SNEC Consortium, and Western Galilee-Central Consortium, shared aspects of our P2G medical-focused programs and several P2G supported projects such as the Protected Emergency Room and the "Friendly Room"; and, Dr. Barhoum discussed some of our experiences and accomplishments as well as our goal to provide a full spectrum of medical procedures and treatments to answer medical needs locally for all the residents that the hospital serves.

Like all guests to the GMC, the group became acquainted with our facility, located on the frontline of the Israel-Lebanon border, and saw our ethnically and multicultural diverse staff that serves an equally diverse population of 600,000 Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze and large immigrant communities from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia. Both
P2G@20 delegations learned about many of the which points of our longtime participation in Partnership2Gether and how our Medical Task Force makes Israel personal for medical professionals through connections that foster learning and growth for all involved. P2G@20 provided a unique opportunity for guests from our own, and other partnerships, to learn how the GMC's P2G programs and involvement has strengthened the attachment of many to the Western Galilee so they’ve come to feel it is their second home.