Even members of the Galilee Medical Center's Management, led by General Director, Dr. Masad Barhoum, added glass tiles to the creative endeavor under artist Yael Buxbaum's supervision. From the administration, Ms. Ruthi Yifrah, Administrative Director; Dr. Shaul Attar, Director of the Cardiology Department; Drs. Dov Baker and Jack Stolero, Deputies Director General and Ronit Kalman, Director of Nursing, accompanied Dr. Barhoum and added tiles to the piece.

"Heart and Soul" is a mosaic made of up four panels of colorful hearts designed by artists Joani Rothenberg from Indianapolis, Indiana and Yael Buxbaum from Israel. The Medical Center is collaborating with Indianapolis' St. Vincent Hospital and Health Center on this project. Joani Rothenberg is leading the work on St. Vincent's four panels which are mirror images of the panels in progress at our Medical Center. When all the panels are completed, each hospital will gift two of its panels to the other for display in the others' institution.

Patients, staff and visitors are invited to take part in the "Heart and Soul" community project. Yael comes to the Galilee Medical Center at least once a week and anyone who wants to share in this creative endeavor can work with her. Moreover, in coordination with the Department of International Affairs, Yael is bringing the work to different communities so that people all over the Western Galilee, and from different walks of life, can have the opportunity to share in creating this public art piece.
"Heart and Soul" will reflect the microcosm of the Western Galilee and the diverse community that the Galilee Medical Center serves and will be a fitting piece for the entrance to the new fortified Cardiology Department.