The Galilee Medical Center was pleased to host Victoria Ciano and Sherry Marie Shaker from New York's Touro College School of Health Sciences Physician Assistant Program for clinical practice elective rotations in its Emergency Department. Dr. Arie Eisenman, Head of Internal Medicine in the Emergency Department, supervised the students and coordinated their visit with the Medical Center's International Affairs Department.

The Physician's Assistant position is an integral part of the medical team in the United States and the GMC and Touro College have an official alliance whereby the Medical Center will consider hosting students, according to its application criteria, for externships. During their rotations Victoria and Sherry took part in rounds, participated in the wards and received informal instruction.

Following the visit, Sherry said,
"I just want to take the opportunity to thank you all for such an amazing and unforgettable time….. I will cherish the memories and time that I spent at Galilee Medical Center. …Thank you so very much for the opportunity to work at such a great facility with very knowledgeable and skilled staff and for adding to my Physician Assistant training."
Victoria added
"….it has been a wonderful, unforgettable experience and I am so happy that I came. You have all been so welcoming and I can't thank you all enough for opening my eyes to Israel and the way medicine is practiced here."

While here the students stayed in the dorm for international students on the GMC's campus. It was Victoria and Sherry's first trip to Israel and they were thrilled that in addition to learning about Israel's high medical standards and concern for quality medical care, they also had an opportunity to do some sightseeing and learn about the country.

The Galilee Medical Center looks forward to welcoming additional foreign students from Touro College and medical schools to enhance the clinical training of future healthcare professionals. For information about opportunities for non-Israeli medical students who are interested in performing elective rotations, according to the criteria of their home university, at the Galilee Medical Center, please contact Sharon Mann, Liaison, International Affairs Department at