Nancy Bowers, her husband and other guests traveling with her in Israel, paid an emotional visit to the Galilee Medical Center (GMC) in October to see the "Tree of Life" mosaic that is displayed in the lobby of the Women's Health Wing.
Nancy worked on a panel of the mosaic with other cancer patients in St. Vincent Hospital's art therapy studio, in Indianapolis, IN, for over a year under artist Joani Rothenberg's supervision.

The "Tree of Life" is a public piece of art, designed by artists Joani and Yael Buxbaum that incorporates three different panels and embodies elements that signify the creation of new life and motifs from the Galilee.
 One panel was worked on at St. Vincent's Hospital; one was tiled by patients, staff and guests at the Galilee Medical Center and the third panel was worked on in different communities from the Central Area Consortium that partners 13 United States Jewish Federation communities and Budapest, Hungary with the Western Galilee and Akko.

Nancy said that by coming to the GMC she felt that she represented the many cancer patients who spent countless hours and energy doing art therapy at St. Vincent's Hospital to create the mosaic for the Women's Health Wing. She was overcome with emotion that brought tears to her eyes and to everyone's eyes that were with her, to see the mosaic in its home.

During their visit, Nancy and her group also toured the GMC and experienced the multicultural diversity and coexistence of our hospital community. She remarked that visiting our Medical Center and seeing the mosaic was the highlight of her trip to Israel.