The Jewish Federation of Omaha is one of the Medical Center's partners from the Consortium that pairs thirteen United States Jewish Federation communities and Budapest, Hungary with the city of Akko and the Western Galilee. The GMC has a longstanding and fruitful relationship with Omaha and the Consortium via the PartnershiptoGether Medical Task Force.

Dr. Tzvi Sheleg, Assistant Director General of the GMC, met with our guests to
share our history, some of our accomplishments and our vision for the future.

Dr. Sheleg also led them on a tour — including our Underground Hospital and the New Protected Emergency Room to which the Consortium communities generously contributed in the aftermath of the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

During the visit Dr. Sheleg also shared some of his personal experiences as part of the Israel Defense Force's Field Unit Rescue Missions in Haiti and Nepal which the guests later said was one of the highlights of their trip.

We look forward to welcoming Alan, Steve and Bracha again as well as other guests from Omaha and the Consortium communities, and continuing to strengthen our connections through PartnershiptoGether.