Due to its location on the front-line of the Israeli-Lebanon border, GMC has suffered many escalations of its security situation due to missile attacks over the years.

Thus, we have developed expertise in dealing with emergency situations in a minimum time frame. Moreover, as a result of our strict guidelines and repeated drills we are recognized as leaders in how to transform a general public hospital to a medical facility that copes with mass casualty events whether resulting from war, car accidents etc.

In today's world countries and their institutions must have organized and
effective responses to mass casualty events or large scale sudden disasters.
The GMC hosts government officials from around the globe who are
responsible for disaster management in their home countries to learn about
our procedures from our medical personnel and then simulate their
application via our interactive Table Top Drill.

 Recently we have shared our experience and expertise in preparing for mass casualty events with healthcare and other professionals from Africa and China specifically: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Sudan, Malawi, United Republic of Tanzania, Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Mali, Central African Republic, Chad, Guinea and the Shanghai Municipal Office of Civil Defense.