Galilee Medical Center is proud of its 3 medical delegates being sent to Nepal with the IDF Field Hospital. Dr. Tsvi Sheleg (Assistenct Director), Dr. Gil Dinur (Neonatologist) and Dr. Michael Mrianovsky (Anesthesiologist).

Dr. Sheleg who has taken part in past aid operations when he traveled to Haiti during the IDF medical aid mission as the first field hospital to reach the devastated island nation following the 2010 earthquakes. "(In Haiti) I experienced the unimaginable impact of the disaster. We are shortly after the incident in Nepal and as the days go by a very harsh picture emerges. I hope that we can offer our experience over and help the many people who lost so much in a single moment. We hope to contribute our professional and humane care and I am proud to once again represent Israel.

Dr. Gil Dinur added "It's very exciting for me. It's a privilege and a humanitarian responsibility for the IDF to take part in these purely humanitarian missions. This is the basis of our medical education- to reduce suffering and save lives."

Just last December, the IDF Field Hospital in cooperation with GMC for the scenario of massive earthquakes.

Dr. Massad Barhoum, CEO of GMC stated, "I wish our own physicians and all the members of the delegation (led by Colonel Dr. Tarif Bader, Deputy Chief Medical Officer of the IDF), success in their journey.
 We send out three of our own to a tragedy whose true scope is only now being revealed. It is my hope that with the advanced expertise and will to help a people
 who have lost so much, the mission will be a success."